Part of The Pantry Revolutions ‘ mission statement and something we pride ourselves on is our commitment to giving back to the community.

The Pantry Revolution has a strong desire to support other community businesses, so where possible we will be sourcing produce and other products locally or at least Australian owned. There will be instances however, where this is not possible.

The Pantry Revolution is also joining forces with an organisation here on the Sunshine Coast called Suncoast Care.

Suncoast Care are, a not-for-profit organisation reaching the Sunshine Coast with food and aid. Their aim is to alleviate hunger by rescuing perishable, fresh and nutritious food and deliver it to disadvantaged, vulnerable people. They currently deliver fresh ‘imperfect’ food, often called “Food Rescue” to thousands of people weekly on the Sunshine Coast.

Suncoast Care have over 7000 registered families; run a twice weekly soup kitchen for the homeless feeding more than 140 people and deliver 1.5 tonnes of food to over 15 state schools for their mentoring and breakfast program.

The Pantry Revolution is committed to donating soon to be expired foods and condiments to Suncoast Care along with regular contributions to their soup kitchen to help feed the homeless.

We will also be doing regular in-store promotions and give-aways, that will also benefit the greater community.

For more information on Suncoast Care check out their website.